What is Piles ?

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What are the reasons of Piles ?

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What are the symptoms of Piles ?

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What are the Piles investigation ?

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What are do's & don't regarding Piles ?

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What are the treatment of Piles ?

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Question 1- Can children get ano - rectal disease ?

Answer - These may be inborn, acquired due to faulty diet or toilet habits or could be due to some other pathologies of the body.

These include anal fissures, rectal polyps or prolapse of the rectum. Many children suffer from constipation or bizarre stool habits.


Question 2 - I feel ashamed to get myself examined by the doctor for anal pathology. Is it possible to treat me by assessing my symptoms and avoiding examination of the anal region?

Answer - It is incorrect to treat the ano-rectal diseases merely by listening to the symptoms.

There are many diseases, which can only be diagnosed by examination of the inner part of the anus, and ignoring a local anal examination could be dangerous too as many a times,the patient might be suffering from a more complex disease, whose treatment is delayed just because it was confused with a common anal pathology.


Question 3- I feel something coming out of my anus while passing stool. What could it be?

Answer - There are many reasons for this symptom. A prolapsing pile, rectal polyp, rectal prolapse or cancer of the anal canal can present with this symptom.


Question 4- Is operation the only answer for piles disease?

Answer - It is a misconception that in every case, the patient is advised to go for surgical procedure.

The fact is that only 10% patients really require a surgical intervention or operation.

Rest of them can very well be treated with medications, dietary regulations and a regular follow-up.


Question 5- It is heard that even after operation, the incidence of recurrence of these diseases is very high. Then why should we go for the operation?

Answer - This is an incorrect thinking. Most of the ano-rectal diseases are completely curable by surgical treatment.

However, there are certain rules which are to be followed after anal surgeries like change in the food habit, regular bowel activity, regular reviews with the operating surgeons to avoid any recurrence or relapse of the symptoms.


Question 6- Tips to avoid occurrence or recurrence of these diseases?

Answer - Include more amount of fibers in your diet. Fruits like apple, pear, banana, orange and carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and other green leafy vegetable should be used in impunity.

Take your meals at a fixed and regular time.

Don't consume spicy, fried or highly seasoned food. Chilli pepper should be avoided.

Regular exercises, relieving anxiety and constipation goes a long way to help out relieving the symptoms of anal region.


Question 7- Is bleeding the only symptom of ano-rectal disease?

Answer - No. It is not necessary that every anal pathology should present with bleeding from the stools.


Question 8 - Do children get piles ?

Answer - Usually children do not have piles. They have problems like - polyp, fissure in ano having similar symptoms.