General Surgery (Piles Treatment by modified cryo)

1. Super speciality in piles treatment by modified cryo-surgery technique.
2. Surgeries for fissure, fistula, hernia, appendix,thyroid, breast & neck tumours.
3. Diagnosis & treatment of male infertility - varicocele, microsurgery, testicular biopsy etc.


4. Circumcision by ring method
5. All types of Paediatric & Neo-Natal surgeries



6. Diagnostic endodcopy like - sigmoidoscopy , colonoscopy etc.
7. Facility available for latest treatment for abdominal cancers (tumors) & obesity surgery by renowned Gastro surgeon Dr. Laxman Singh Khiria (MS.Mch.AIIMS) from Apollo hospitals, Ahmedabad. (With prior appointment only)

8. All kind of laparoscopic surgeries for hernia, appendix, Gall bladder etc.

9. Endoscopic surgeries for prostate (TURP), Kidney stone (PCNL) , ureteric  stone (URS) etc.


Helpline :- 09414162750, 09414169339, 09214460062

Thousands of benefited patients

Paediatrics (Diagnosis & Treatment of various child diseases "Vaccination Centre")

1. Facility for all types of latest & pain less vaccinations like Gentle DPT / DPT, Typhoid, Brain fever, Chickenpox, Rotavirus, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Polio, Flu,cervical cancer etc.

2. Paediatric outdoor from 0-18yr. of age group. (Play area for kids)
3. Fits with fever & epilepsy related disease consultation.

4. Consultation regarding physical growth & dietary advice.
5. Consultation for recurrent vomiting, diarrhoea, pain abdomen etc.

6. Consultation for obesity (obesity clinic).
7. Bed wetting, abnormal behaviour, irritability (Excessive cry) related consultation.
8. Counselling for poor school achievers & their treatment.



9. Consultation & Special investigations
related to repeated pneumonia attacks & their definitive treatment.
10. Asthma diagnosis, treatment & nebulization (Asthma & allergy clinic).

Nebulization facility available

11. Consultation for premature & low birth weight babies for special care & optimum growth (Pre term clinic).

* Nebulization
* Ventilator
* Syringe pump
* Phototherapy

* Warmer
* Incubator
* Pulse Oximeter
* Multi para Monitor


Helpline :- Dr. Mukesh Devpura 09414169339, 9269333699

Gynecology & Obstetric (Non descent vaginal hysterectomy (NDVH) "Without any cut" with Experienced Hands)

1. Regular check up in pregnancy & vaccination.

2. Round the clock facilities for normal delivery (Pain less delivery ), caesarean & forceps.

Complete setup for incomplete family

Dedicated from infertility to safe motherhood

Mother & child care under one roof

3. Fetal monitoring (NST, CST) to know well being of baby.

4. Well equipped air conditioned labour room.

5. Every new born baby is attended by
child specialist
at the time of delivery with regular follow up.

6. Consultation for adolescent problems like - irregular menses, dysuria, dysmenorrhoea, pain abdomen & related disorders.

7. Treatment for post delivery backache & muscle weakness related complaints.


8. Consultation for MTP and D&C.
9. Diagnostic Laparoscopy for various diseases.
10. Laparoscopic surgeries - ovarian drilling, myomectomy, hysterectomy, etc.
11. Diagnostic hysteroscopy.

Latest Treatment for cervix/uterus cancer

12. Menopausal clinic - health checkups like pap's smear,cervical biopsy, D&C, hormone replacement
therapy (HRT) etc.

13. Family planning consultation & sterilization operation for male (vasectomy) & female (tubectomy).

14. Complete evaluation of infertile couples & treatment with latest scientific techniques with excellent outcome.


Helpline :- Dr. Kalpana Devpura 09414162750, 09214460062